Patterns and Practices Report To Be Released Friday

By Bill Cameron, WLS-AM News

(CHICAGO) Friday is the day the Obama Justice Dept is expected to issue its “patterns and practices” report on the use of excessive force by the Chicago Police Dept.

An “agreement in principle” between City Hall and the Justice Dept is expected. Whether the Trump Justice Dept will follow thru to negotiate a binding consent decree in federal court is an open question.

Either way, Mayor Emanuel is on record vowing to follow thru.

“From the moment I put the task force [on police accountability] together, I have made the changes and continue to make changes in training, technology and transparency that I think are important to giving our officers the certainty they need to do what’s important.”

And to have any chance of getting re-elected in 2019, the mayor needs to do it right to win back the trust of black voters.

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