Ald Sawyer: Look at term limit for Speaker Madigan

By Bill Cameron, WLS-AM News

(CHICAGO) An influential voice from the black community is saying  it’s time to take a look at term limits for legislative leaders in Springfield like the embattled Speaker Mike Madigan.

The African-American vote is a key force for Illinois Democrats and now the Chairman of the City Council’s Black Caucus – Ald. Rod Sawyer – is saying we ought to take a look at a term limit for Speaker Madigan.

After getting question at the City Club asking why Democrats don’t stand up to Madigan, Sawyer said “People have a concern about 40 years or 80 years combined in the same thing to be a problem. We need occasional breadth of leadership. I don’t have a personal problem with Speaker Madigan. I just follow my own tune. I vote based on my own conscience and I support people based on how I work and not necessarily on someone telling me I have to do that.”

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