Ald Cochran: Restaurants hire too many undocumented immigrants

By Bill Cameron, WLS-AM News

(CHICAGO) At City Hall, there was another racial dust-up this afternoon between two aldermen as a city council committee was approving year-round outdoor dining.

In the City Council License Committee, indicted Alderman Willie Cochran was complaining that too many¬† restaurants hire too many undocumented immigrants and not enough African-Americans, “I recently heard about a hundred people at a restaurant getting handcuffed by immigration and being brought out. We do have laws that say businesses are not supposed to hire illegals.

Alderman Roberto Maldeno cried foul, “Employers are not ICE officials and are not responsible for determining whether an employee is documented or not. To insist that they should be more careful in that process of hiring somebody is irresponsible and I take offense at your comment.”

And Sam Toya said his Illinois Restaurant Association gives scholarships and jobs to a great many high school students.

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