If Your Password Is On This List, You’re In Trouble

We’re practically giving away all of our private information when we log on to sites, but do we really need to make it like taking candy from a baby for thieves?

Cyber security experts are telling people to create more secure passwords and have tips on which to avoid.

Over 100 terrible passwords have been compiled onto a list and if yours is on it, you might want to change it immediately.

The most often used and worse one of all is simply “123456” which offers almost no security. Nor does “123456789”, “qwerty” or “password”.

In addition to creating a more secure password, experts advise that if you have a password on a site that may have been breached, and you use that password on other sites, you should change your password there too.

See the list of the worst – and overused – passwords here. 

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