Quinn’s term limit petition drive gets more support

By Bill Cameron, WLS-AM News

(CHICAGO)  Former Governor Pat Quinn’s petition drive to limit Chicago mayors to two terms has picked up the endorsement of UIC political science professor Dick Simpson.

Dick Simpson was an independent alderman when the first Mayor Daley – Richard J Daley – was mayor and Simpson says Boss Daley is the case study why we need a two-term limit on mayors, noting “As time went on, he became more autocratic, more dictatorial. He ran roughshod, using his powers as head of the party and mayor of the City of Chicago – his patronage army, his incumbency. The mayor has too many advantages and too much power if he stays in office a long time. We’ve seen that repeatedly in Chicago. We are best served by strong mayors but not emperors and we shouldn’t have either a Boss Daley or an Emperor Emanuel.”

August 6th is the deadline to get this two-term limit binding referendum on the November ballot. Quinn says it would block Mayor Emanuel from seeking a third term. Emanuel’s campaign says it wouldn’t.

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