Preckwinkle apologizes to women harassed at county forest preserve

By Bill Cameron, WLS-AM News

(CHICAGO) Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle is apologizing to a woman who was racially harassed by a drunk at a county forest preserve in June while a forest preserve cop stood by and apparently did nothing.

The drunk was caught on video telling the woman she shouldn’t be wearing a shirt with the Puerto Rican flag on it if she’s a citizen. He was apparently clueless to the fact that Puerto Rico is a US territory.

Preckwinkle called his action “unacceptable,”  apologized to the woman and said a nearby Forest Preserve police officer should have intervened, “If you look at the video, the gentleman was abusive and offensive in his behavior and the woman in question had a permit to use the facility. So, yes, the officer should have intervened.”

The unnamed cop is on desk duty but when asked if he should be fired, Preckwinkle said she doesn’t know the rules on conduct unbecoming by a forest preserve officer.

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