Durbin: ‘Trump incapable of distinguishing friends from enemies’

By Bill Cameron, WLS-AM News

(CHICAGO)  Illinois Senator Dick Durbin has been attacking Trump about his NATO Summit trip and his relationship with Russia president Putin.

Even before Trump said in Brussels that Germany is a captive of Russia, Durbin was on the floor of the senate arguing Trump really doesn’t view Putin as our enemy.

“I do not know of any modern president who let normal disagreements among allies turn into a personal spat that alienates our friends and underminds our security,” said Durbin, “In fact, I’m increasingly convinced that President Trump is so enamoured by validation-seeking autocrats and offended by our traditonal allies expressing disagreements that he’s incapable from distinguishing friends from enemies. This is truly problematic and dangerous.”

Durbin said he’s afraid Trump will give away concessions to Putin at their Helsinki meeting on Monday.

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