Illinois lawmaker wants to legalize fireworks

By John Dempseym WLS-AM News

(CHICAGO)  An Illinois State lawmaker says the time has come to legalize fireworks in Illinois.    State Rep. Barbara Wheeler (R) Crystal Lake, tells the Chicago Tribune Illinois is losing too much tax revenue to other states that do sell fireworks, when Illinois residents travel to those states to shop.

Wheeler tells the Tribune  “This is baloney that Illinois yet again is one of the very few states that has restrictions against retailers.  At this point, it just seems kind of silly, because we know that the citizens of Illinois are buying fireworks. … You can’t legislate (against) everything.”

The report says legislation similar to the bill Wheeler is introducing has been introduced before in Springfield but has never passed, because of concerns from police, fire and public health officials.

The Tribune says fireworks have injured at least 2,000 people in Illinois over the last 10 years.     Wheeler’s bill would set a minimum age of 18 to possess fireworks and impose other safety restrictions.

Illinois is one of only four states that still bans the sale of most fireworks.

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