8-8-88: When night baseball came to Wrigley

By Bill Cameron, WLS-AM News

(CHICAGO) At City Hall, today’s a red-letter day in the history of Chicago.

Thirty years ago today on 8-8-88, night baseball began at Wrigley Field.

Years of neighborhood opposition delayed lights at the Friendly Confines.

The National League also put pressure on the city. In ’86 it said the Cubs would have to play any potential home, post season games in St Louis which had lights. Here’s what Mayor Harold Washington thought of that.

“I don’t like it a damn bit! I don’t like it. Why couldn’t they play in Comiskey Park? I don’t like that at all. Who is the National League to come here and tell us where our team should play?  What are we, a bunch of peons?!”

Negotiations with the neighbors finally allowed lights at Wrigley Field with limits on the number of night games and concerts, but that first night game 30 years ago was stopped and delayed until another day, not because of lights but because of rain.

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