Gutierrez: Trump’s Puerto Rican tweets “delusional”

By Bill Cameron, WLS-AM News

(CHICAGO) Chicago Congressman Luis Gutierrez is denouncing Trump for his latest Puerto Rican tweets.

Gutierrez, who says Trump ought to resign or be impeached, took to the floor of the House to say the president is “delusional.”

“What is offensive to many of us is that even though the President dropped the ball, he is now doing a victory dance in the end zone – or should be call it the dead zone,” Gutierrez said, “I pray that his response to persons along the east coast will be better and more empathetic. He has a golf club in North Carolina and a winery in Virginia. So, maybe the people in those states will get more of the president’s help than my fellow Puerto Ricans did. “

Trump loves to get a rise out of his Democratic opponents and he certainly succeeds with Gutierrez.

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