Connected to Chicago (10-14-2018) Special Guest-Gery Chico

Bill Cameron chats with Gery Chico. Chico is a Lawyer, Public Official, Former Chief of Staff to former Mayor Richard M. Daley, and is running for Mayor of Chicago. Bill and Gery discuss issues affecting the city of Chicago, How to solve the pension problem, Thoughts on an elected school board, and ways to reduce violent crime in Chicago.

In this week’s round table segment, Bill Cameron is joined by Greg Hinz of Crain’s, Ray Long of The Chicago Tribune, Lynn Sweet and Fran Spielman of the Chicago Sun-Times, and Heather Cherone, editor of The Daily Line. The discussion opens up with a review of the Governor debates, and if they’re really necessary anymore. Everyone gives an update on how the race for mayor is going, and Susan Mendoza.

This week’s Community Spotlight is with Nick Gale, and focuses on the Healthy Schools Campaign’s Cooking up Change competition.

Sara Porter, the campaign’s VP of external affairs says the students have to create a meal, following USDA guideline, all for $1.40 per meal. This year, the competition has been expanded to include a breakfast meal.

The competition is November 14 at the Bridgeport Art Center.