A Ford performance SUV and Car Tech Talk

2019-Volvo-XC40-900 – Photo Credit – Drive Chicago and Volvo


By Jennifer Keiper, WLS-AM Drive Chicago

Ford is showing off it’s 2019 Edge ST with spokesman Craig Patterson telling DriveChicago, “It’s a big hot hatch but it’s got the power to back it up, too.  So, it has a 2.7 liter EcoBoost engine and 335 horsepower, 380 foot pound of torque and even a vehicle of that size, it’s still zero to 60 in under six seconds.”

We review the Volvo XC40 and also talk about a term with which you may not be familiar.  You’ve heard of leasing but DriveChicago GM Mark Bilek says a “subscription” is another option Volvo is offering nationwide.

“The subscription price includes not only the lease price of the vehicle but also the insurance and all of the maintenance and wear and tear items while you own the vehicle and then the Volvo plan adds, after a year, you can swap into a new one and so, you’re car is never really more than a year old.  I think that’s an interesting choice for some buyers,” said DriveChicago General Manager Mark Bilek.

We also talk about old technology vs. new tech in vehicles.

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