A diplomatic JB Pritzker meets President Trump

By Bill Cameron, WLS-AM News

(CHICAGO) JB Pritzker was among about a dozen governors-elect who met face-to-face this afternoon at the White House with President Trump talking about their concerns and Bill Cameron says Pritzker the Trump critic was diplomatic.

Pritzker got elected governor with rhetoric like this about Trump.

“Donald Trump is a racist! He exploits divisions and he promotes hate! He has no regard for the values that are trampled upon and the lives that are destroyed along the way. It’s up to all of us to stop him!”

Trump has not been stopped and as Pritzker sat two chairs away from him in the White House, he said this.

“Mr. President, I’m JB Pritzker the governor-elect of Illinois and I founded 1871 which is was named the world’s best business incubator. And as I’ve been speaking with your daughter, I’ve also been an advocate for early-childhood education.

Trump: Very good.”

And so the new governor is planning ahead not dwelling on the past.

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