Pritzker: Emanuel’s pension plan is not “viable”

By Bill Cameron, WLS-AM News

(CHICAGO) In an interview with Bill Cameron, Governor-elect J B Pritzker says Mayor Emanuel’s pension rescue idea is not “viable.”

Rahm wants to amend the state constitution’s pension protection clause to kill the big driver of pension costs, the annual 3% cost of living adjustments.

Pritzker tells Bill Cameron, host of Connected to Chicago, that won’t fly politically.

“I think the constitutional amendment idea is not politically feasible honestly. There aren’t enough votes for it. There aren’t enough voters who would vote for it, let alone members of the House and Senate.”

And on the sensational story that Gov Rauner tried to replace himself on the ballot back in the spring and summer because he knew he couldn’t win, Pritzker said there was a rumor about that at one point, but he didn’t believe it.

Much more with Pritzker on Connected to Chicago Sunday night at 7.

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