Durkin predicts failure for Dems graduated income tax measure

By Bill Cameron, WLS-AM News
(CHICAGO)  Taping “Connected to Chicago with Bill Cameron” for Sunday night at 7, Jim Durkin, the Republcan leader in the Illinois House, predicted failure for the graduated income tax that the Democrats want.
Super-majorities are necessary to put a graduated income tax question before the voters. Democrats have super-majorities in the House and Senate now, but Durkin says some suburban and downstate Democrats won’t vote to put it on the ballot.
“A lot of people who ran for re-election, particularly Democrats, opposed it. Some of them like their jobs, like ’em a lot! If they do support it, it will go against what they promised their constituents, but more importantly, they won’t be returning to their positions in about a year and a half.”
Durkin scoff’s at the Democrats’ claim that a graduated income tax would not hurt the middle class.
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