Child in Colorado Who Died of the Flu Only Partially Vaccinated

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has discovered that the child that passed away earlier this month from the flu wasn’t fully vaccinated for the illness.

In order for the vaccine to be effective for children younger than 9 years old who are getting vaccinated for the first time, there must be two doses given more than a month apart.

“It’s an unfortunate but important reminder of the importance of two doses of influenza vaccine for young children who are receiving influenza vaccine for the first time,” said Dr. Rachel Herlihy.

With the flu potentially hitting a high-water mark for the season, doctors still urge people to get a flu shot to avoid more serious illnesses caused by the flu like pneumonia.

“It’s a tragedy, and I think a reminder of the importance of influenza vaccination, and importance of seeking care early for influenza, especially in high-risk groups,” Herlihy said.