Pritzker signs gun control bill Rauner would have vetoed

By Bill Cameron, WLS-AM News

(CHICAGO)  At a bill-signing event featuring the state’s top Democrats,  Governor Pritzker today signed the gun dealer licensing bill that Bruce Rauner would have vetoed if Democrats had put it on his desk when he was governor.

The new law adds a new layer of licensing on gun shops and here’s why Gov Pritzker says it’s necessary.

“The reason for it is to deter straw purchases so that we can prevent someone from buying a gun for someone else who is not legally allowed to own a gun.”

And he’s vowing to do more.

“Now is the time to ban the weapons of war from our streets.”

The Illinois Rifle Association is promising to challenge the gun dealer licensing bill in court. One possible angle against it is that it was passed on one legislative session, but signed into law during another. ​

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