Vallas compares City Hall to a Mario Puzo Godfather novel

(CHICAGO)  Taping Connected to Chicago for Sunday night at 7, candidate for mayor Paul Vallas tells WLS’ Bill Cameron that the political corruption known as the Chicago Way, including one little-noticed part of it that needs to be banned.

The Chicago Way permits members of various boards and commissions to hustle private business from companies that appear before them. Vallas argues that’s gotta stop.

“By being appointed to a board, they come in as one of the made-guys so to speak, using Soprano terminology. You want zoning? You go to so-and-so’s law firm. You want property tax appeals, you go to Burke and Madigan’s law firm.

Cameron: You make is City Hall sound like the Outfit.

Vallas: Yeah, notice the criticism of the alderman who wore the wire, Solis. It was like betraying the family. It was something like out of a Mario Puzo Godfather novel!”

And Vallas says we also need to ban aldermen from doing any outside business.

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