Hotel Tax hike proposed by Lori Lightfoot

By Bill Cameron, WLS-AM News

(CHICAGO)  In the race for mayor,  Lori Lightfoot wants to raise the 17.4% hotel tax.

Lightfoot says Chicago is losing actors and artists to other cities and so we ought to raise the already big hotel tax for more grants artists especially in the neighborhoods.

“Look, I’m not proposing something that’s gonna be out of sight, but even a small percentage – 1 or 2% – would go a long way to providing a steady stream of income so it could significantly expand our reach and grant-making to artists.”

Standing with her were famous actors and artists, including Amy Morton who stars as the no-nonsense Trudy at the front desk on Chicago PD.

“Lori Lightfoot knows a thriving artistic community is vital to any great city. She should absolutely be our next mayor.” bc

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