2nd Mayor of Florida City Arrested in 3 Weeks

For the second time in three weeks, Port Richey, Florida is scrambling for a replacement after its mayor was arrested.

The latest arrest occurred Wednesday when law enforcement agents raided the office of Terance Rowe, 64, and arrested him for conspiring to interfere with a criminal investigation. Rowe, Port Richey’s former vice mayor, had been on the job for three weeks.

Rowe was promoted to the city’s top job after his predecessor, Dale Massa, got into legal trouble of his own in February. Accused of practicing medicine without a license, Massa opened fire on sheriff’s deputies when they attempted to arrest him. He was booked on attempted murder charges and suspended from the mayor’s office. It’s unclear if Rowe’s obstruction charges are related to Massa’s case.

Source: https://www.tampabay.com/breaking-news/not-a-rerun-another-port-richey-mayor-arrested-20190313/