3-Year-Old Gets New Prosthetic Leg After Old One is Stolen

A 3-year-old boy who made headlines after his prosthetic leg was stolen has received a new one.

Josiah Rainey, of Belleville, Illinois, had been without a prosthesis since March 1, when his mother left the original — along with her wallet — in her car overnight. The next morning, she discovered the backpack that contained the $10,000 leg and the wallet had been stolen. As news of the theft spread, sympathetic residents started a GoFundMe account for Rainey and workers at Shriners Hospital began work on a replacement limb. Rainey was fitted with his new leg on Tuesday.

“I just feel so blessed,” Brie Rainey says. “He’s just the sweetest little boy.” She says $4,000 raised by the GoFundMe account will be used to buy Josiah a wheelchair.

Source: https://fox2now.com/2019/03/12/three-year-old-gets-new-prosthetic-leg-weeks-after-limb-was-stolen/