Feds Subpoena Company Records in Facebook Investigation

A federal grand jury has subpoenaed records from at least two prominent smart device manufacturers in its ongoing investigation into Facebook’s practices.

The companies are among 150 that prosecutors believe were in cahoots with the social media giant, the New York Times reports. Among the companies Facebook is accused of sharing users’ personal information with are Apple, Amazon, Sony and Microsoft. While Facebook execs admit to having struck info-sharing deals with a number of companies, they say they’ve since backed out on the partnerships.

“We are cooperating with investigators and take those probes seriously,” Facebook officials said in a statement. “We’ve provided public testimony, answered questions and pledged that we will continue to do so.”

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6806937/Facebooks-data-sharing-deals-reportedly-criminal-probe.html