​Eddie Read says there’s a silent majority that will win it for Preckwinkle

In the race for mayor, Bill Cameron says one long-time leader in the black independent poliitcal movement thinks Toni Preckwinkle – not Lori Lightfoot – is going to win the April 2nd runoff election.

Not everybody thinks Lori Lightfoot has the unstoppable momentum to win. Eddie Read of the Black Independent Political Organization says there’s a silent majority out there for Preckwinkle, and listen who he compares the situation to.

“I think this is gonna be like Donald Trump. The people on the ground – rural white folks – voted for Donald Trump. They didn’t say thing about it. I think that’s what’s gonna happen here in the black community. People are not gonna say what they’re gonna do about Toni. They understand Toni has come before the people for 25 years. They didn’t reject her the last 25 years! Why reject her now?”

Eddie Read was a big Harold Washington backer and so his take is not to be ignored.