British Police Hunting Gang that’s Terrorizing Tube Commuters

British commuters are reportedly terrified after a series of muggings have been reported in the U.K.’s version of the New York subway system.

Police say a gang of knife-wielding thugs have been roaming the “Tube,” robbing people of their cell phones and other electronic devices. Eight muggings have been reported in the past month, authorities say. “We have seen a concerning amount of robberies across both the London Underground and mainline rail network in London,” says Detective Chief Inspector Sarah White. “We are working tirelessly to catch those responsible.”

On Monday, as part of their attempts to identify the culprits, investigators released security camera photos of three men taken after a 16-year-old boy was robbed of his phone and cash. White says police have also placed undercover officers on trains in London and Essex in hopes of catching the gang in the act.