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Ric Edelman (06/16/19)  – Ric Edelman – The First Thing You Must Do When You Get to Work on Monday!

Ric Edelman (06/16/19) – The First Thing You Must Do When You Get to Work on Monday! Why your millennial children might the the worst retirement ready generation (and why it’s your fault)! Living “paycheck to paycheck” many families skip paying bills and seeking medical care to make ends meet. Ric has the shocking results to a recent survey highlighting how people skip making payments. Elderly Alert: Ric highlights details of an investment scam on the oldest of our society, and their age plays into the plot.

Colleen & Catie’s Picks for Portland, Oregon! (Including VooDoo Doughnuts!)

Colleen & Catie’s Picks for Portland, Oregon. Where to stay, what to see and do! (Including VooDoo Doughnuts!)  Special Guest: Sarah Porter from WorldMark by Wyndham who have just opened a new location adjacent to the Governor Tom McCall Waterfront Park in downtown Portland, Oregon, along the Willamette River. SPECIAL OFFER: Use discount code (VACAY19) to save 15% off available resorts on

For Details:

Stephanie Trussell Show (06-08-2019) – Peggy Hubbard, Running to Remove Dick Durbin.

Joining Stephanie this week are co-hosts, Tom Wilmoth and Verlon Galloway. Former NFL star Burgess Owens, discusses his book, Why I Stand, and socialism as the driving force behind modern American socio-political movements. Peggy Hubbard, Candidate for the US Senate talks about her platform to defeat Dick Durbin. Steven Stultz and Lavieda Warner; from talk about their ‘Chicago Summits for Solutions’ dealing with gentrification and community stabilization in the city of Chicago. Mark Weyermueller’s man on the street report.

Trip Sisters Episode 52 – Turks & Caicos (06/08/19)

Colleen & Catie’s picks for staying at Beaches Resort in Turks & Caicos. A family and couple-friendly resort, great for girlfriend getaways. All-inclusive, with a 45,000 square-foot water park; five magnificent villages. The architecture and ambiance of Italy, France, the Caribbean and Key West with a 12-mile beach with clear turquoise waters. Special Guest: Kim Sardo – of Beaches/Sandals Resorts.

Tom Bevan – (06/02/19) Trump’s Tariffs and the Democratic 2020 Race Update

Tom Bevan covers the week in Washington with guests:
•Bill Scheer – Contributer to RealClearPolitics – Trump’s tariff’s impact and chances of impeachment.
•John Kraushaar – National Journal Senior Political Writer – Impact of Trumps tariff’s on the Republican majority.
•Bill Whalen – Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution – Kamala Harris incident, and the Democratic 2020 race update.
•Carl Cannon – Columnist for RealClearPolitics – Virginia beach shooting, and the 75th anniversary of D-Day.


Stephanie Trussell Community Forum LIVE in the WLS Lounge (06/01/19)

Stephanie Trussell LIVE in the WLS Lounge. No topic is off limits including Illinois newest legislation about Abortion and Pot. Guest: David Smith, Illinois Family Institute. Update on Illinois marijuana and abortion bill.
Panelists: Monroe Anderson, long time Chicago journalist who has worked for the Sun-Times, CBS 2, Press Secretary for the City of Chicago.

Anthony Clark, veteran, educator, founder of Suburban Unity Alliance as well as the co-owner of Neighborhoods United LLC. He is a Candidate for Congress to defeat Con. Danny K. Davis in the IL-7.

Dr. Jim Allen, founder of Vineyard Chicago a ministry dedicated to solving social ills through economics, education and empowerment.

Trip Sisters – Episode 51 – Our Best Interviews (06/01/19)

Colleen and Catie relive some of their favorite interviews from the past year, including those with travel experts here to share their best tips with you!

Guests include:
Roy Sekoff – Founding Editor of Huffington Post/Writer
Samantha Brown – Travel Expert, TV Host
Andrea Ross – Responsible Traveling Expert
Johnny Jet – Travel Expert
Sheri Griffiths – Cruise Tips Expert
Keith King – Money Saving Travel Hacks

Ric Edelman (05/26) Ric was upset, now he’s just disappointed.

Ric Edelman was very upset about annuities when he was asked to speak about the topic to the industry leaders who sell them. Not surprisingly, he was left feeling disappointed after meeting the people directly involved with the way annuities are managed. What financial lessons are being taught at Morehouse college? The graduates were given the gift of having their entire student loan debts paid off, but how can they learn to plan for their financial future when they are promised that a ‘sugar daddy’ will come along and bail them out? Is your job about to be eliminated? It happens when technology removes the need for labor or completely replaces a previous technology. Are you prepared?

Stephanie Trussell (05/25/19) Special Guest Michael Reagan

Michael Reagan, President of ‘The Reagan Legacy Foundation’ and ‘Walkway To Victory’.
Mike Brown, President of ‘No Excuses Foundation’.
Professor Jason Hill, Professor of Philosophy at DePaul and DePaul students David Krupa, Ema Gavrilovic and Kaitlyn Svinning.
Mark Weyermuller’s Man on the Street Report.

Trip Sisters Episode 50 – Summer Vacations (05/25/19)

Trip Sisters Episode 50 – Summer Vacations (05/25/19)

Special Guest: Justin Zackham – Writer of the films THE BUCKET LIST and SECOND ACT. First coined the term “Bucket List,” as he sets out with his wife Katherine and their two children to complete their own top bucket list goal of making the Guinness Book of World Records for being the first family to visit every country in the world.

Colleen & Catie’s Picks for Summer Vacations: Disney World – Orlando, Florida & Grand Canyon – Arizona (South Rim).

Ric Edelman (05/19/2019) – Retirement can be a lot of fun.

Ric Edelman (05/19/2019) – Retirement can be a lot of fun.  Have you asked yourself the question, “What are you going to do when you retire??”  Who do you tell and when do you tell them that you have decided to retire.  What is the future of taxes and it’s link to the ‘trust-ability’ of Congress.


Trip Sisters Episode 49 – Oh, Canada! (05/18/2019)

Colleen & Catie’s Picks for Canada.  Special Guest:  Pauline Frommer – Co-President of FrommerMedia, Editorial Director of Frommer’s Guidebooks, author of the best-selling “Frommer’s EasyGuide to New York City” and “Frommer’s New York City Day by Day”, co-host of “The Travel Show” on WABC @Frommers