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About the Show

STERLING ON SUNDAY delivers a very human transition from weekend to weekday. Topics include the type of stories two best friends might discuss. Listeners appreciate conversations about family, politics, celebrity nonsense, trouble with neighbors, coping with the kids at school and why things go wrong at work. The other stuff in life. Walter Sterling is a gifted showman whose opinions and stories reveal a quirky twist.

What WALTER STERLING, the host of STERLING ON SUNDAY says about the show: "What two best friends talk about is not trivial, it's a very big deal. That's why Sterling on Sundays transitions the listener into the week with conversation about troubles at work, celebrity gossip and why the engine light never goes it. The audience is highly engaged. We attract young parents who only have alone time later in the day, professional such as doctors and nurses going to work at the hospital and prisoners--lots of prisoners."