Chet Chit Chat 10-2-14

Chet Chit Chat with the lobotomy line on sports:

Hey! Chet Chitchat here with the lobotomy line on sports! And manohmanohmanohohmanohmanoh! I wanna tell ya. What did I say about Jay Cutler? He doesn't vaccinate his kids! Everybody! He doesn't vaccinate his kids. He doesn't…Everybody? Some-body? The Bears have not won a game this year at Wrigley, er, pardon my Greg Gumbel. They're not worthy of Wrigley Field.  O'B won a title there, Dougie. Though the turf at Wrigley Field has to be better than at Soldier. And with the construction there's no wall to crash into when the opponents catch touchdown passes. Speaking of Wrigley Field's rehab, why not just get rid of the scoreboard before it has to suffer the indignity of irrelevance. Give it to the Schaumburg team with their Wrigley replica or just make the it the scoreboard emeritus. That turf, though. Can't George Lucas pop for a field to go with his lakefront museum? So Kyle Fuller, before he got hurt, played man to man when the Bears were in a zone, and then Santonio Holmes maybe ran a wrong route. It's time to fire…the CDC director. Let's face it, the Bears are an artificial turf team. Maybe when the Rams move back to LA, the Bears can be the second Chicago team to hightail it to St. Louis. I swear, this is going to be the most frustrating 8-8 Bears team in history. Oh, who cared about the Bears anyway? The Bears game was just so much placenta after the Notre Dame game, Catholics vs. Cover-ups. Was a great game though I do wish ESPN had stated a disclaimer prior to the game that a Florida State victory could be voided some day. Gee, I hope Jameis got a percentage deal instead of a flat fee for those autographs. His stock is rising. And, really, what should be his penalty if he's guilty of the worst thing he's accused of? Maybe be forced to appear in the next "Hangover" movie, a la Mike Tyson?