Kristen McQueary’s Rahm Emanuel Limerick

There once was a mayor named Rahm

Who pomised a firebomb

The old way of business

At a pace of pure dizziness

And so we all waited with calm


Four years later we find

A city very much in a bind

With debts growing still

A lack of sheer will

And voters feeling less sublime


Your property taxes I did not hike

Ignore that little teachers strike

That pension Tsunami

It deftly bounced off me

Anyone need a Divvy bike?


This term, the jobs I will find

But hand me, if you don’t mind

A check for campaigning

We’ll do some champaigning

Rauner will buy the wine


Sorry about the red light tickets

I had to open taxpayer spigots

Didn’t think I’d get caught

Oh the records the Tribune sought!

Good time to kiss up to the Ricketts


Onto four more years of platitude

Get used to my bad attitude

If you’re not convinced of my plan

Just watch Chicagoland

My think record I cannot elude


Listen to Kristen McQueary recite the Limerick here.