Mayoral challenger Willie Wilson writes personal check for a million dollars to his campaign

                                                                  photo credit: Bill Cameron, 89 WLS News

(Chicago)  In the campaign for mayor, challenger Willie Wilson has written a personal check for a million dollars to his campaign.

Willie Wilson, who made millions with McDonald's franchises and is now selling vinyl gloves made in china, posed with his million dollar check and said the money will buy TV and radio commercials with this message, “It basically gonna show equality, compassion and friendliness.”

On the issues, Wilson said he wants to bring back Meigs Field, lower taxes and parking fees and get three out of four cops out of their patrol cars, walking the beat, “If I can walk or the citizens can walk on the bus in the cold out there, and the citizens are paying the police officers, they should be cold too.”

And Wilson said Mayor Emanuel owes him apology for challenging his nominating petitions. Rahm has dropped that challenge.  

Bill Cameron, 89 WLS News