Chicago based lawsuit against cheating website Ashley-Madison

(CHICAGO) An attorney is filing a class action in Chicago Federal Court against the infidelity web site Ashley-Madison, after the site was hacked and personal information involving millions of users was compromised.

Attorney Joseph Siprut told “The Big John Howell Show” on WLS his client is a man he’s referring to as “John Doe”, who was an Ashley-Madison client.   Siprut says, “Ashley Madison of course by it’s very nature is a dating web site, and one that many people use for the purpose of an affair ostensibly. So if you’re a victim of a data breach in this instance it’s not just that your credit card information or your phone number was compromised and that poses some risk, it’s also that your spouse is going to have some questions for you when she finds your name in that data base”.

Siprut’s lawsuit names Avid Life Media, which is the Toronto, Canada based company that owns and operates Ashley Madison. Similar lawsuits have been filed in other cities since news broke of the Ashley-Madison data breach. Avid Media has refused to comment on the lawsuits, other than to call the hack “an act of criminality”.