Cubs Fever Hits City Hall

Courtesy Photo
Courtesy Photo

By Bill Cameron, WLS News


(CHICAGO) Mayor Emanuel is talking about the big Cubs-Mets series for the National League pennant.

Emanuel, the Cubs fan you’ve been seeing in the stands behind home plate at Wrigley Field lately, says he doesn’t want to get ahead of ourselves, but the Cubs did beat the Mets seven out of seven during the regular season.

Listen to Bill Cameron’s report for WLS News radio:

As for correcting the Cubs collapse to the Mets in 1969 he says, “It’s a way to prepare for what’s going to happen now which is the good game of revenge,” Emanuel said. “We’re going to settle the score.”

But then the mayor changed his mind.

“What important is not about 1969, what’s important is what’s happening in 2015.”

So take your pick, 1969 is and isn’t important.

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