Zopp Tapped as Deputy Mayor

By Bill Cameron, WLS-AM 890 News

(CHICAGO) Mayor Rahm Emanuel has appointed former Chicago Uban League president & unsuccessful Senate candidate Andrea Zopp to be a second deputy mayor for neighborhood development. Bill Cameron notes that the politics of this move are intriguing.

Emanuel is unpopular in the black community these days and so is he using Zopp as a  $185,000 a year deputy mayor to help make him more popular?  She denies it.

“I’m not here to be used, I’m hear to help continue to build our neighborhoods and our communities,” Zopp said. “I choose to be here because  I’m passionate about this work and I’ve been doing this work for a long time.”

Or is Emanuel grooming her to run for mayor in 2019 because he’s decided he can’t be re-elected?

​”Look, today I just started as the deputy mayor, I’m focused on doing that job.”

Asked directly if she would ever consider running for mayor, Zopp didn’t answer.


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