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9-20-16 – John and Ray In 60

It was a night to forget for the Bears. Jay Cutler’s struggles and subsequent injury put an exclamation point on an embarrassing 29-14 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Meanwhile, Suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami is being questioned about the NY and NJ bombings. Sources say he is also believed to be linked to pipe bombs found in a backpack in NJ.

Also, a lifelong Cubs fan made a special trip to the Friendly Confines with his family during what may be a historic season. He’s 82, suffers from Alzheimer’s, and served as a bat boy 60 years ago.

Plus, Ray’s son is a high school senior, and received some rules for the annual Homecoming dance that happened last weekend. The typical “once you leave, you can’t come back” and “follow the dress code policy of the school.” Though there were some new rules that neither John nor Ray had seen before, including:
-No “sexually explicit dancing such as front to back dancing, grinding, twerking, or any other type of dancing which could be construed as vulgar or provocative.”
-Efforts to coerce another student to dance is harassment