Haunted Houses

Zombie-Themed Drinks For Halloween

Zombie Brains Shot

This cocktail looks just like it’s name: ZOMBIE BRAINS. It’s based on The Walking Dead Series. It’s a disgusting looking mix of jagermeister, Baileys Irish cream, peach schnapps and grenadine. Despite is look it’s super sweet. Watch as Sophia chokes on this one!

Zombie Scooby Snack

A Zombified version of a scooby snack! It’s looks disgusting but it’s delicious and perfect for Halloween.

Zombie Bloodbath

If zombies run wild and start eating everyone you get a….ZOMBIE BLOODBATH. This cocktail is a mix of malibu red, uv cherry, ginger beer and all topped with kraken black spiced rum. It’s potent but smooth.

The Walking Dead Halloween Cocktail

This cocktailĀ is no joke! It’s base is Absinthe and Bacardi 151 and it looks just like vomit. Peach schnapps, Bailey’s Irish Cream and ginger beer are then added to complete this halloween masterpiece.