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Jessica Sanders joined John and Ray to talk about the ‘N’-Word Viral Video that has changed her life

Ignorance is defined by the lack of knowledge or information. Ironically, Jessica Sanders of Alsip said recently that the “N-word” to her means “an ignorant person.”

The front page of the Chicago Sun-Times featured a picture of Jessica Sanders, a woman who has been charged with two federal hate crimes after an altercation over a bean-bag toss game during a summer festival.

Sanders was recorded via a cell phone hurling racial epithets, including the N-word.

Telling the Sun-Times, Sanders said, “It was wrong of me to use the word. To me it means ‘ignorant person.’ If they were Caucasian, I would have said the same thing. Latino, black. [Race] has nothing to do with it.”

She has also been charged battery for swatting the phone out of the victim’s hand.

Thus far, the YouTube video has garnered over 700,000 views and continues to be spread across social media.

Speaking exclusively to WLS AM’s John Howell and Ray Stevens, Sanders continued to be both apologetic, saddened and fearful of possible retribution, refusing to return to her home in Alsip.

A 26-year-old south suburban woman is facing charges after a video surfaced of her using the n-word at a South Side margarita fest.

Sanders told John and Ray that even before the public interviews that she was willing to apologize, but that Mr. Crim has publicly stated multiple times that he will not accept any apology.

“Do you think the culture that you are immersed in that the ‘N-word’ is used too freely,” John Howell asked. “[In my world] That word doesn’t even exist!”

Ray Stevens added that the “N-word” in his perception is on the “Mount Rushmore of bad words.”


Original Source: Bean-bag video woman says using n-word ‘wrong,’ but no hate crime | Chicago Sun-Times