Pattern and Practice Report Due Next Week

By Bill Cameron, WLS-AM News

(CHICAGO) Next week the Justice Dept is expected to release its “pattern & practice” report on the Chicago Police Department.

The Obama Dept of Justice is apparently in a rush to report its recommendations and get Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s compliance before the Trump Justice Dept takes over and recommends something City Hall won’t like.

Even then tho, Rahm says his work will not be done.

“Our job is not finished. That’s been my approach since the moment I announced the task force, but from the moment I also then, once the task force was done, systematically going thorough and putting in place the recommendations of change that I think are important to give, not only our officers some certainty, but give them the tools so they can do their jobs.”

And the mayor may be sincere about that because to get re-elected in 2019 he needs to win the trust of the communities most affected by police misconduct.

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