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2/27/17 – Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Since the day he took office, President Trump has been baselessly threatened with impeachment by the Democrats in Congress. Leading the pack, Nancy Pelosi clamors on and on about convincing Trump supporters that they made a huge mistake. Maybe it’s time we expel Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats from Congress. If they’re gonna talk about impeachment, then we need to talk about expulsion, it’s time to go on offense. Democrats tried to take out Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush and now Trump. Who is the “Party of No” now? We have now reached the point where the Democrat Party is a soviet style party. The Democrat Party is built on violence and ethnic balkanization. It doesn’t care about the Constitution unless it can use it to take out somebody. In addition, the Democrats are trying to drive down Trump’s popularity so they can pick off some Republican seats in the House. When the Democrats are out of office they are viscous and vile. After that, Sen Chuck Schumer is saying that criticizing the media is against the core of democracy. Of course it’s not against American values to criticize them, but is perfectly legitimate. The media is supposed to be a bulwark against government but they were in the tank for Barack Obama and Pelosi. They have thrown in with the progressives. Also, Trump’s plan on infrastructure ought to be resisted. This is not free market economics and will just add to the national debt. It’s not the 1930’s and the New Deal. The problem is too much government, Andrew Jackson would be absolutely appalled at this. The problem with this country is too little economic freedom and too little commerce. The majority of this money is going to new projects not to fix old bridges, tunnels, etc.