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Today Can Kill You, So Just Stay Home

From the International Business Times, various things are happening after the annual time change in March.

Studies have found that sleep-deprived humans are likely to have more irritability and mood swings.

April 2016 showed that there was a significant increase of about 6 percent in the number of car crashes after time change than before.

Another 2016 study on the risks of stroke during daylight saving time discovered that the rate of stroke increased by 8 percent within two days of the time change. During this time, cancer victims were 25 percent more susceptible to have a stroke and people over the age of 65 years were 20 percent more prone to strokes than others.

Now add to this the many inches of snow blanketing the Chicago area, it might be ideal to just stay home in bed all day. Roughly 100 people in America die shoveling snow each year.

A study looking at data from 1990 to 2006 by researchers at the US Nationwide Children’s Hospital recorded 1,647 fatalities from cardiac-related injuries associated with shovelling snow. In Canada, these deaths make the news every winter.


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