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3/13/17 – Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Early in our Republic, the press aligned with one party or cause and would identify themselves as such. Today too many media outlets are simply dishonest about who they are and what they are doing. They claim to be journalists, pursuing facts but all too frequently that’s not the case. When you dress up partisan politics as freedom of the press, it’s destructive to freedom of the press. It’s time to focus on those abusing their power and more thoroughly call them to account. Also, Sen Mike Lee calls in to discuss the Republican replacement healthcare bill, which has ended up as something different than Obamacare repeal. It’s half repeal and half replace, which is a disaster. He’s pretty sure this bill, as of right now, won’t pass the House or the Senate. Later, John Solomon calls in to explain that the FBI investigated a Trump server in its Russia probe, but no charges are expected. If you were watching CNN you would swear there are connections between Russia and Trump but the FBI has found little evidence. Finally, the big news today is that after 3 years the Arizona state legislator passed convention of states resolution, making it the ninth state to do so. This movement has gone under the radar but if we can get 20 states people will start to realize this is a real movement.