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3/7/17 – Mark Levin Audio Rewind

The problem with the Republican RINOcare healthcare plan is that it is not a market-oriented plan. The substance of this thing is politics through and through. Republicans embraced the progressive agenda, and Barack Obama and the Democrats have won. The worst part is that the Republicans are dressing their RINO plan up with conservative propaganda. Every one of the Obamacare fundamentals is being preserved, because Republicans fear being blamed. In addition, more and more of our society and what the government does revolves around the centralization of power, because the people are apparently too stupid to decide for themselves what kind of healthcare they need. Now, we need politicians, professors and surrogates to develop our healthcare plans. Later, Daniel Horowitz, Senior Editor at Conservative Review, calls in to talk to explain that the new RINO care not only doesn’t replace Obamacare, it doesn’t repeal it either. Also, Rep Dave Brat of Virginia calls in to talk about his opposition to the Republicans replacement healthcare plan. After that, we are leaving our children and grandchildren a broken Social Security system, a broken healthcare system, broken education system and trillions of dollars of debt. We have gone from a nation that was consent of the governed to a nation where the government gets to make every decision for us. What kind of a country do we want to be? Finally, Chuck Todd sounds shocked to hear from James Clapper there were no FISA warrants issued. This is an important revelation. The media in the aggregate have reported about FISA warrants. They allowed this story to hang out there. Are the media so ideologically driven that they have to take ten sides on one issue? At the end of the day, whether there was FISA Court involvement or not or wiretaps or not, the media reported it.