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3/8/17 – Mark Levin Audio Rewind

President Trump is 100% behind the RINOcare replacement plan, which is a combination of establishment Republicans and the Trump administration pushing a massive government program. This plan will create a massive amount of regulation that will have a devastating impact on the economy. They are leaving price hike regulations in place and getting rid of the individual mandate, and then putting in place a 30% fine for those who don’t have insurance and decide to come back in. In addition, there will be tax credits, where the tax payer is going to be subsidizing an enormous amount of money. How will we ever move towards a completive market system for insurers to market to the middle? Also, the government is throwing money at the states to help them deal with high risk pools but it won’t be enough. The Republican plan doesn’t address the cost increasing mandates and it will affect Republicans at the ballot box. Why are the Republicans talking like liberals to get their big government program through? Conservative’s opposition is not based on purism or perfectionism but based on promises to fully roll back the core pillars of Obamacare which are hurting the country. After that, GOP leaders, like Steve Scalise are trying to shore up support for the bill are sending a dire message to conservatives. He’s telling principled constitutional conservatives that they have 2 choices, either you support Donald Trump who supports the American Healthcare Act, or you support Nancy Pelosi and Obamacare. These Republicans are acting like leftists and are creating a false dilemma. Later, Jim Jordan calls in to discuss his effort in fighting RINOcare. Finally, the fact that it was revealed that there were wiretaps on a Russian ambassador is outrageous. Why did the New York Times put a story out there about wiretapping if it wasn’t true? What was the point of the story? It was to create suspicion and a false impression.