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3/15/17 – Mark Levin Audio Rewind

There is no evidence that Barack Obama ordered a wiretap of President Donald Trump in Trump Tower. However this is not the issue. The issue at hand isn’t whether Obama ordered any sort of surveillance on Trump or his team, it’s whether he knew anything about it. News accounts are pretty condemnatory of what the Obama administration was up to. What is curious about all this is that the media is not tracking down Obama, Loretta Lynch or Obama staffers to get to the bottom of the story. The media let the Obama administration get away with it. In addition, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes is concerned about the incidental collection of individuals tied to the Trump campaign and unmasking of Americans names for political purposes. Regular Americans want to get to the bottom of this. Later, did Rachel Maddow commit a felony in disclosing Trump’s tax returns from 2005 on her show? It is a close call. She has First Amendment rights, but it doesn’t mean that she is immune from criminal charges. After that, a federal judge, Derrick Watson, in Hawaii blocked Trump’s new travel ban, hours before it went into effect. We have judicial anarchy taking place right now where judges are seizing plenary authority from the President on immigration. There is nothing unconstitutional, racist or bigoted about what Trump is trying to do. We have to admit in this country that progressives have won so we can fight back. Ben Shapiro of the Daily Wire calls in to discuss the travel ban in more detail.