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3/17/17 – Mark Levin Audio Rewind

President Donald Trump mentioned a “talented lawyer” who spoke on Fox News and immediately certain news outlets said that Mark Levin was the one Trump was referring to. That was not Mark but Judge Napolitano. This shows how corrupt, partisan, incompetent, and diabolical the media in this country is. They cannot help but lie deceive and insinuate, because Mark exposed them. The media needs to be held to account on the so called Trump and Russia ties. They have been caught red handed including the New York Times, the Guardian, CNN, BBC and others. You have to be the lowest of the low to promote a left wing meme that somehow the Russians were in collusion with Trump. They keep pushing it out there to delegitimize Trump and his election. We know that Barack Obama wasn’t wiretapping Trump’s phone calls. Now we want to know if the media’s past reports on Russia and Trump collusion are true. Now the media is trying to reverse course. Were they lying to the American people or were they telling the truth? After that, 5 judges on the 9th circuit went out of their way to rebuke their 3 colleagues on the 9th Circuit panel who decided to block Trump’s travel ban. The judges who blocked Trump now are applauded for what they do by the liberal media. This is a rogue judiciary and tyranny. If we can’t rely on judges to be judges, we are living in a third world banana republic.