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4/12/17 – Mark Levin Audio Rewind

It’s amazing what a new President and new administration can do with serious people running a serious foreign policy. Look at the change in China and Russia. Russia is on its heels and reports are that China is putting pressure on North Korea. The way you defeat Vladimir Putin is the way Ronald Reagan defeated the Soviet Union, by building up the military and unleashing the economy. Then we will crush Russia and China without firing a shot. Later, almost six weeks ago this we began asking questions about the Obama administration’s alleged surveillance of the Trump campaign and transition team. Now, there’s absolutely no question it occurred and the media is trying to cover it up. CNN came up with story and have sources that say there is nothing to the statements made by Devin Nunes. CNN spoke to a couple of anonymous sources who say there is nothing here, case closed. But Adam Housely, a reporter at Fox News calls in to discuss Congress expanding the unmasking probe amid questions over Susan Rice’s role. We should be asking if the surveillance of Carter Page, a former Trump adviser, led to anything. We don’t know what he did or what he didn’t do but Page is a nonstory. At this point we don’t know what happened, but clearly Congress is concerned. Also, the FBI did obtain a warrant to survey Carter Page. This means that James Clapper’s assertion in March that there was no FISA Court order activity against President Trump or his campaign is false.