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4/14/17 – Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Why are our college campuses and public schools run amok with left-leaning, socialism-loving young people who despise America’s founding and its basic conservative principles? It didn’t happen over night, it was in planning over a hundred years ago! The problem at our campuses is simple, we don’t teach Americanism, but we teach relativism. John Dewey was an early advocate of reconstructing education to bring it in comportment with progressivism. Dewey admired the Marxists in the Soviet Union, because they took their ideology and applied it to the classroom. Education was used to promote socialist agendas then and now in the U.S. It’s a complete rejection of the Declaration of Independence that has happened. Progressives wanted the rejection of eternal truth, history and God. To them, the world begins today. What happened to ingraining in our children with the love of country and love of principles? What about our principles? They don’t matter seem to matter anymore. Our founding principles are enduring and eternal. They don’t change with the times. Also, America was founded by mostly Christians. They were very tolerant men when it came to other people and their faiths. The diversity of views found in this nation were due to the fact that the Founders understood the Enlightenment and were men of faith. Later, those who dismiss ideas, principles and philosophy have no idea what they are doing. Chuck Schumer is operating from the position of Utopian Statism. The Democrats keep sprinting to the finish line and throw wrenches in Trumps plan at every turn. Even when they agree with Trump, they must control and be in control. It is about time conservatives fought back.