Connected To Chicago with Bill Cameron


7 - 8pm

Connected To Chicago (06-11-2017)

Bill Cameron talks with US Senator Tammy Duckworth. The White House wants to privatize the air traffic control system, however Tammy thinks it’s a terrible idea. The system can be improved by spending money to modernize not privatize the skies. Passenger rights are a growing concern, especially after the United Airlines passenger eviction. Senator Duckworth wants to require airlines to disclose every time damage to equipment used by handicapped passengers occurs. One estimate indicates that Illinois is 42nd in the nation in receiving federal funds for local projects like road improvement contracts, however the state is one of the highest contributors to the federal funding pool. Police misconduct in Chicago has hit a roadblock with Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel trying to change an agreement that would require enforceable reforms for police problems, Senator Duckworth has proposed a law that would require special training for all law enforcement members to learn how to recognize issues like deafness and other situations that might be misunderstood as resisting arrest. The bill would also require independent investigations for every incident where shootings or use of deadly force have occurred. On a national level, Bill asks Tammy why Hillary Clinton didn’t win the election and who might be the next Democratic candidate to run against Donald Trump.

In this week’s round table discussion, Bill Cameron is joined by Ray Long of the Chicago Tribune, Greg Hinz of Crain’s, and Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun Times. They discuss the recent testimony of former FBI Director James Comey, as well as touching on the possibility of President Trump obstructing justice. The round table continues to discuss the possibility of Trump being impeached, regarding the most recent controversies. They discuss a potential independent commission to investigate potential Russian meddling. The round table also continues their discussion on health care.

In this week’s Community Spotlight Nick Gale focuses on Chicago’s iconic “L” train. Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Chicago Transit Board Chairman Terry Peterson and CTA President Dorval R. Carter, Jr. Tuesday marked the 125th anniversary of Chicago’s historic ‘L’ train system—known around the world as one of the city’s most iconic symbols. To celebrate the 125th anniversary, the CTA will offer rides on trains featuring vintage railcars from CTA’s Heritage Fleet: the 4000-series, built in 1923, and the 2400-series, built in 1976-78. The rides will take place on the historic Loop ‘L’ tracks in downtown Chicago. Throughout 2017, the CTA has planned a series of events and activities, including tours, ridership promotions, contests and giveaways, to celebrate its anniversary. CTA’s Heritage Fleet—consisting of vintage trains and buses—will make a number of public appearances as part of the celebration. The CTA earlier this year launched a new Instagram account –@ChicagoCTA–to showcase rarely seen historical photos, which has attracted nearly 3,000 followers.