Quinn asks for audit of Peoples Gas

By Bill Cameron, WLS-AM News

(CHICAGO) Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan is warning consumers that Peoples Gas rates may double in the next 15 years and former Governor Pat Quinn is jumping on the issue.

Peoples Gas needs billions to repair its gas mains and crusading populist Pat Quinn – now a candidate for attorney general – called reporters to the windy sidewalk outside the Aon building where Peoples Gas is headquarted to cry out for an audit.

“They have to make sure that what they’re replacing actually works,” Quinn said, “ There’s some question about whether the leaks continue even after they spend all this money to replace the mains. So, there needs to be an audit to make sure the replacement is actually working.”

When a reporter asked Quinn if it wasn’t time to let the next generation run for office, he said “I’m not goin’ away, all right?”

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