Pritzker vows to ‘get rid’ of tuition tax credits for private and parochial schools

By Bill Cameron, WLS-AM News

(CHICAGO) Democrat JB Pritzker is out with big new proposals to solve the state’s budget and pension problems.

Long term, Pritzker wants a graduated income tax.

Short term, he wants to raise the current flat tax but add exemptions, “Raise exemptions for those striving to get to the middle class, for those in the middle class too. And, raise the overall rate and the earned income tax credit at the same time, all of which would create a kind of graduated income tax.”

On the state’s gigantic pension liability, Pritzker wants to amortize the debt, saying “We can step up and pay the payments that are owed into the pension system.”

As for the new tuition tax credits for private and parochial schools here’s what Pritzker wants to do, “We’re gonna get rid of ’em! I think diverting money away from public schools right now to private tuition tax credits seems like a really bad idea.”

His opponent, Republican Governor Bruce Rauner responded, “It’s shameful for Pritzker to say he would immediately end the scholarship program when so many low-income students will soon be benefitting from a better education. It’s clear Pritzker is out-of-touch with struggling families who can finally choose a brighter future for their children.”

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