McCann hoping to win over Jeanne Ives supporters

By Bill Cameron, WLS-AM News

(CHICAGO)  In the race for governor, Republican State Senator Sam McCann from central Illinois has jumped into the contest as the Conservative Party candidate.

Governor Bruce Rauner tried and failed to defeat McCann after he bucked Rauner to protect state workers in his district near Springfield.

Now McCann’s running against him hoping to get Jeanne Ives supporters who made an impressive showing against Rauner in the GOP primary.

Rauner’s Republican party organization is calling McCann a “crook” and McCann says that maybe telling. “Obviously they’re scared. They know that Rauner is a failed governor. They just hope that somehow they can spin it. Why aren’t they talking about all his accomplishments? He has none.”

McCann says he’s not in it to be a spoiler, but to put some common sense back into the governor’s office.


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