Mistaken identity lands 10-year-old in cuffs

Bill Cameron, WLS-AM News

In another controversy involving a child on Mayor Emanuel’s watch, Chicago Police Supt Eddie Johnson is confirming CPD is investigating an incident in which an innocent ten-year-old African-American boy was handcuffed.

Police reportedly got a call about a ten or twelve year old with a gun. At the scene, they handcuffed ten-year-old Michael Thomas, Jr while asking him questions. It was captured on cell phone video and so Supt. Johnson is talking about it.

“They followed all the rules and protocols, so I’m not concerned about that,” Johnson said. “But anytime you have to interact from a law enforcement standpoint with a child that you, it’s difficult. So, I can only imagine the mothers and grandmothers anguish that that child had to go through that situation.”

The family says it was a case of mistaken identity, but the ten-year-old was in cuffs for 15 minutes.